Clients & Partners

First, we look at a project from our client's point of view, forming a clear picture of their vision and expectations. We develop an understanding of their business, budget goals, schedule and decision-making processes. As a client advocate, we function as the cost and schedule 'watchdog'. We provide an independent review of documents which results in coordinated scopes of work and reduced change orders. For each project, we select the most appropriate project management techniques
and the construction personnel and consultants in order to ensure the successful project delivery. We stay with the project to assure that subcontractor warranty and guarantee obligations are satisfied, and that the client is completely satisfied. Our management approach and highly qualified team of construction professionals result in a project that is delivered safely, on time, within the established budget and of high quality standards that exceed client expectations every time.
PROKON builds lasting relationships through integrity, teamwork and dedication to excellence. PROKON is proud of its reputation, experienced professionals and proven systems that consistently deliver successful projects, safely and on time. Our suppliers support our strength.
A key component of our approach to providing superior value to our clients is to enhance our services with quality suppliers, vendors and partners. Our carefully selected suppliers provide us with additional strengths that enable us to meet and exceed our clients' goals and expectations.
As such, we are always looking for new, diverse, and innovative partners to enhance our project teams and strengthen our capabilities for clients’ projects. We search for suppliers in every part of our business, in all service offerings, both locally and internationally.