Gas lift compressor station

Client: SOCAR

Location: Gunashli Deep Sea Water Platform No # 4 (offshore)

General information: Compressor station is completed with main equipment of eight gas turbine drive centrifugal compressor units, consisting of four (three operational + one spare) first stage (LP) and four (three operational + one spare) second stage (HP) units as well as gas dehydration unit and all associated process equipment with output of 3 mln.m3/day and working pressure of 12,5 MPa.

Completion date: December 2013

Design conditions applied: 

 Design Pressure
Gas pressure at the compressor inlet  of 1st stage 4,5-6 barg (20°C)
1st stage outlet pressure17-20 barg
2nd stage outlet pressure45 barg
3rd  stage outlet pressure 125 barg

Gas lift compressor station