SOCAR Ammonia and Urea Complex

Project owner: SOCAR

EPC contractor: Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd

Subcontractor: PROKON LLC

Location: Sumgayit, Azerbaijan

Completion date: November 2018

General information: The plant is slated to produce 1,200 MT of ammonia and 2,000 MT of urea per day. 

Disciplines: Construction and erection of 

civil building, piping, structural steel, painting, 

insulation, equipment erection, HVAC, 

electrical and instrumentation.

Volume of works: 

Excavation 218,915.00 m3
Backfilling 146,548.00 m3
Rebar approx. 6,000.00 Ton
Concrete approx. 65,000.00 m3 
Road & Pavement (Asphalt) 43,299.00 m2
Road & Pavement (Concrete) 4,960.00 m3
BUILDINGS (5 ea) 6587 m2
Structural Steel Erection 5,958.00 Ton
Piping Works 348,873.00 DI 
Equipment Erection Works 10,631.00 Ton
E & I Cable Pulling Works 1,078.00 km
Painting Works 125,753.00 m2 
Insulation Works 58,353.00 m2 

SOCAR Ammonia and Urea Complex

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