Soil investigation project

Client: Samsung Engineering

Location: Sumgait Fertilizer Plant Project Site

Scope of works: Establishment of benchmarks in project site, execution of topographical survey, execution of soil investigation study, borehole drilling works, collection of soil samples, execution of site and laboratory tests, preparation of preparation of geotechnical & geophysical investigation report, governmental approvals on reports.

Completion date: December 2014

Volume of works: 

Topographical Survey of Plant Area 24.0 ha. 
Borehole Drilling Works 36x20 = 720 m
Collection of Top Soil Samples  36 nos.
Execution of S.P.T. Tests 36x14=504 tests
Execution of R.Q.D. Tests 36x7=252 samples
Execution of Cross Hole Tests 3 points
Execution of Plate Load Tests 4 points
Execution of Grain Size Analysis Tests 292 tests
Execution of Atterberg Limits Tests 295 tests
Execution of Consolidation Tests 30 tests
Execution of Unconfined Compression Tests 30 tests
Execution of Chemical Analysis 36 tests 

Soil investigation project