Providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees remains a key priority for us. We work to avoid, mitigate and reduce the harm to people, communities and the environment, wherever we conduct our business. At Prokon, we strive to prioritize risk management at the highest level and degree understanding of our responsibility in the industry. Our HSE management system defines principles that serve the basis of our business conduct. 

The knowledge and skills of employees in the field of health and safety are highly important for the sustainability of our business. We arrange a process of compulsory training of all employees, including senior executives, and exercise rigorous control over it. This helps the company to develop the right approach to safety culture. 

Our training activities, first of all, include the implementation of visual programs on training, retraining and professional development with the aid of state-of-the-art materials, the application of a special training system for personnel working with hazardous equipment, and improvement of the quality of communication in the field of health and safety.

During the implementation of projects in our enterprises, a relevant safety plan is prepared at the initial stage. Before any important work commences, trainings are conducted for company employees and those of our contractors on key aspects and risks associated with the job. The company makes sure that work starts only after a detailed safety inspection has been completed.


We adhere to the principle of Zero Harm in all of our operations. The principle illustrates Prokon’s vision for achieving zero safety hazards, zero environmental incidents and zero non-productive time. This vision expresses our commitment to our employees, customers and society as a whole, and clearly underpins our priorities - to set the highest standards of business conduct. Our reliable management system, competence and dedication to our employees remain the key elements of our success and the foundation of our path to a Zero Harm principle (ZERO).